Security, demining and defence 

HiSky is proud to provide high-end services and products to support projects and partners activities in the area of security, demining and defence in Egypt and the Middle East.

HiSky manages logistics, ground operations, supply of necessary tools, machinery and technology. HiSky also maps stakeholders and networks with relevant governmental bodies and non-governmental partners locally, regionally and internationally to support successful business in this area.

Energy: oil, gas and electricity


Energy in Egypt is a challenging sector. While Egypt is full of natural resources, including renewable energy, Egypt faces shortages in this area. Through HiSky highly qualified teams and wide networking, this work stream was effectively approached and the following among other services are successfully provided by HiSky:

  • Geological , Geophysical and Petro-physical studies
  • Natural Gas (LNG) Delineation , supply and demand

Aviation and private jets


HiSky tackles Aviation and Private Jets business with an innovative style. It is not just about selling or leasing jets, but rather a problem-solving and cost-effective holistic approach. HiSky provides full state-of-the-art services through all related operations, among which are the following:

  • Aircraft leasing : Charter flights ( groups / incentive/special operation ) , wet and dry leasing , business VIP jets sale and leasing;

Sustainable development


HiSky does not work in isolation from the surrounding environment locally, regionally and globally. We believe that being successful is intrinsic to playing a positive role and having a proactive approach in the development of the community where HiSky operates. We closely collaborate with NGOs, governmental entities, civil societies and international development programmes to ensure that our values extend beyond pure business areas. HiSky applies its efficient partnering and project management expertise in providing several services for sustainable development, namely:

  • Providing basic minimum needs and basic development needs as cornerstones in the overall country sustainable development process.
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