Aviation and private jets

HiSky tackles Aviation and Private Jets business with an innovative style. It is not just about selling or leasing jets, but rather a problem-solving and cost-effective holistic approach. HiSky provides full state-of-the-art services through all related operations, among which are the following:

  • Aircraft leasing: charter flights (groups/incentive/special operation), wet and dry leasing, business VIP jets sale and leasing;
  • Airline companies setup. Feasibility studies, economic and technical studies. Airlines representation; and
  • Airports logistics handling and coordination.

Projects and interventions

Upon request by the Prime Ministers Cabinet (PMC) in Egypt, HiSky carried out an extensive market research and studies of the private jet market in the Middle East and Europe. HiSky provided the PMC with consultancy services on flight routes and cost effective solutions to the aviation needs of the PMC. An inherent part of the solution was a recommendation to establish a private jet leasing enterprise under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation.

HiSky was successful in providing consultancy and project management services necessary for the establishment of the enterprise and its smooth operations.

Clients and partners

Lufthansa Consulting, Germany International Flight Network, Spain
Air Masters, France Value Group, Italy
Midwest Airlines, Egypt Air partners, UK
Smart Aviation, Egypt Freetown Airport, Sierra Leone
Cleopatra Aviation, Egypt Egyptian Government, Ministers Cabinet
Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan United Nations peace-keeping air transport
Africa Airways, Libya Dakar civil Aviation, Senegal
Tunis Air, Tunisia Iberworld, Spain
Francorosso, Itlay Hahn Airport, Germany
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