Company’s location: Cairo, Egypt.

Work sectors: Aviation and private jets, security, demining, defence, energy (oil, gas and electricity) and sustainable development.

Areas of expertise: Agency services, consultations, market analysis, development of market-entry strategies, monitoring of business opportunities and establishment of investment cases, project management including operations and logistics, as well as technical support relevant to projects/clients needs.

Geographical area: Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

Business partners: Multinational companies, public and private sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as international development agencies.


Fourteen highly qualified staff of both genders specialized in areas relevant to the following work streams:

  • Aviation and private jets;
  • Security, demining and defence;
  • Energy: Oil, gas and electricity;
  • Sustainable development; and
  • Business administration, financial and project management.


Outsourcing and assembling of specialized teams take place as per individual client or project needs.

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