HiSky has a diversified portfolio, cross-cutting several areas and handling different types of clients and projects. The diversity in our projects and activities gained us rich experience and added value to our project management and consultancy approach. We are able to add perspectives to operations, problem-solving capabilities and provide partnering opportunities to our clients at a wider and higher scale.

Cross-sectorial services: managerial, consultancy, coordination and logistics services

  • Agency services, including contracts negotiations, advice and support during implementation;
  • Consultation services, including situation analysis, monitoring of business opportunities and investment cases, developing strategies, making recommendations and problem-solving;
  • Develop investment plan portfolio that is diversified in terms of sectors, energy resources, and geographic coverage;
  • Project and operational management services, including provision of ground support and logistics coordination; and
  • Liaising and facilitation of meetings, travels and events.

Added value of services provided

  • Regular consultation and knowledge sharing in support of projects and operations all through their life cycle;
  • Feasibility studies and market-entry strategies;
  • Continuous updating on local situation in all relevant areas to ensure opportunities are captured and risks mitigated;
  • Streamlining logistics, operations and procedures to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency of current and potential collaborative areas and projects;
  • Lowering energy exploration risk and operational costs;
  • Finding innovative solutions to take advantage of situations and risks and turn them into investment cases in support of our clients strategic priorities;
  • Partnership building and technical teams assembling specific to client and/or project needs; and
  • Utilizing current enabling environment and business opportunities to leverage our clients’ leadership position and support their strategic goals.

Scope of services by sector

Sustainable development
  • Providing basic minimum needs and basic development needs as cornerstones in the overall country sustainable development process;
  • Advocacy and resource mobilization for community-based initiatives; and
  • Working closely with local NGOs in different fields including education and health care.
Aviation and private jets
  • Aircraft leasing: charter flights (groups/incentive/special operation), wet and dry leasing, business VIP jets sale and leasing;
  • Airline companies setup. Feasibility studies, economic and technical studies. Airlines representation; and
  • Airports logistics handling and coordination.
Energy: oil, gas and electricity services
  • Geological, geophysical and petro-physical studies;
  • Natural Gas (LNG) Delineation, supply and demand;
  • Environmental investigation;
  • Reservoir engineering and simulation;
  • Drilling engineering;
  • Completion and production engineering; and
  • On-call team of petroleum engineers and geoscientists.
Security, demining and defence
  • Security systems and all protection parameters;
  • Special-purpose products;
  • Demining systems, bomb detection, safety tools for EOD and degaussing;
  • Body armour, airfield lighting systems, EOD x-ray systems, optical and night vision systems, as well as motion and acoustic sensors; and
  • Agency services and representation for security and defence companies.
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